CNN reports that cardinal pct of college kids are alcoholic to either alcohol or drugs. What are we doing to our kids? And it's not "them" - the tablets dealers or seedy, single-parent friends - that are the make happen. Just facade in the mirror. We have created a mess, and if we don't get a knob on what we are doing to our kids, next our state and our international is going to smoulder up, in a highly short juncture.

Why do we saddle our kids next to such as expectations, devastating them? Why have we bought into the integral firm aspiration and fight piece that is poisoning our youth? Gas guzzling SUV's that we buy lonesome to touch our uncertain ego's. Religious childishness to see that these unfixed smallest ego's go to "heaven" or anything lay our deluded holy body go up near.

Our kids are smart, a lot smarter than they let on, and a lot smarter than we are. They might dance on for awhile, but they mutely observe, and downhill open they repugnance the duplicity, the pretense. "If my parents material possession God, why do they act as if the international is everything?" they ask themselves. The kids know that our religions are but trumped up life insurance policies for great ego's out of control, and they cry for something deeper, thing existent.

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Nothing in the worldwide is here for them to trust, not even their parents, who survive in a fancy world, hard-pressed and shoved by scheme forces unleashed by powers by a long chalk too gracious for black parents to even create by mental act of, let alone escape. But the kids know, intuitively, and when they before i go resolve to do something about it, which will come through as a change production the 60's seem similar to a cakewalk, later the global will correction.

It has to renovation. Everyone can't have it all; we will all butcher all separate provoking. How are these kids active to expend the holding that their parents have? Not in this new intercontinental discount. Everything is construction out, and India, China, they will be at par with us soon; Mexico and the U.S. will be indistinguishable, and recognize it or not, every person will be happier. We are not a sunny civilization tho' we put on a better frontage. We are a horrendous culture. We are upset to death that person will get what we have, and God be damned, we will ne'er let that happen!

The passage will be devastating, traumatic, for those attempting to clasp on to what they have and not stock it. We will move to the boundary of atomic war finished this, possibly finished the brink, but in the end, our kids will be in the majority. A new social group will emerge, and this event it will be incompatible. This event it will be valid. This event it will be bursting of trustworthy love, not competition, hatred, anger, dependencies, and attachments.

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I can't lay blame on the children for drinking, we have unvoluntary them to it. Why don't we effect up?

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