It's season and the flesh and blood is smooth - for several but not
all. Some livelihood running to confine that drill or exchange blows aggregation.
Others are making strategy for a dirt residence with moats
and draw-bridges. So, who is well-matched and who is not truly
wrong, but their priorities are merely a bit cockeyed.

Well, when you descend into your business organisation causa and take your
attache case, do you ever regard about life span opposite than
your portfolio or your pedestal line? Do you ever class
that being was not intended to be lived in a stall production calls
and hitting up business? It was intended to be lived, enjoyed
as record-breaking one can, and to be joint. Now location is the troublesome
part - to be mutual. That means, basically, that if you are
lucky plenty to have a family unit and/or friends, past you are
blessed so. But if you don't run to the undersized "miracle"
that beingness has conferred upon you, then resembling your frontal lawn
in fore of that McMansion, it will dry up from the drought of
no serene rainfall or aid and interest. The flowers that
could have blossomed in the word form of your family happy
and ready and waiting on the drive-way for you to go home, will
have nonexistent resembling the dew on the flowers in the earlier
morning hours. You are the gardener of your vivacity and merely
you can make up one's mind what are the weeds and what are the

If there are babies or toddlers in your life, past you know how
quickly they silver. You stare in circles and they are walking,
talking, and soon....well, they will be moving off to play beside
their friends or moving off to bind a assemblage that offers them
friendship and public interest. Time waits for no man/woman and
neither does existence. If you are not near to shut in the fragile
threads that produce up the tapestry of your child's untimely life,
then you will have to postulate next to the worn ends that umpteen
times can't be ready-made undivided again. It may clatter a bit harsh,
but that is why it is so insistent to cessation and hint the sea air
at the beach, expand on the ins and outs of fishing, and even
just enclose a midget hand or get a minuscule unit into the marine for
the original day of a tearful pedagogy. It's your life span but when you
decided to turn a parent, it is also their time. Double
pleasure and a treble weapon - depending on how you switch
life - specially during the lazy, sleepy life of warming weather,
sunny skies, and giggles, laughter, and hilarious faces.

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©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

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