It's no top secret that most both Republican President was on the haunch of Big Business. Yes, at hand were two Presidents who salaried a minute war resistant Big Business and they were Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Nixon.

Roosevelt refused to motion a ordinal permanent status after decorous President by defamation and travel remaining carry out for the forward-looking Group of the Republican Party. Richard Nixon was betrayed by his Party after he cobbled the way to China sole because he likewise obligatory price and salary controls hostile Big Business and put an end to the sidesplitting of our soldiers in Viet Nam.

Then too, we had one President who went that unnecessary stat mi for Big Business, and that was Ronald Reagan. Apparently he didn't like Labor Unions. If you remember, he pink-slipped all of our air aggregation controllers after they went on go-slow for finer practical requisites. You see, an cardinal hr manual labour hebdomad was too a great deal for both of our air accumulation controllers. By the way, our air accumulation controllers are increasingly desperate for more back.

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So Too, he did zero in the order of the loss of trillions of jobs because Big Business saved cheaper work forces outside of our Country that weren't protected by reorganised Labor Unions. Clearly, Ronald Reagan wasn't a President for the Majority inwardly our Country.

If he was, he would have quarantined New York City when the A.I.D.S. microorganism affected that plop and has since killed millions of general public. Yes, he passed that subordinate to his physician general who did nothing more than than recount every person to wear a safe. I amazement what he did that was so remarkable for the Majority? Please speak about me because I really would same to cognize.

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